We are World Trade Fibers (WTF), the first steps of a dream.
We imagine a world where people are conscious of what they consume. Where people are empowered to make better decision and create a greater impact. A world where people are connected, trust each other and can make responsible, fully traceable transactions. Where the line between consumer and producer disappears, where anyone can decide from where to buy and most important why. Because that’s a world worth living in, in which a bigger group of individuals are aware of the impact their life brings to the world, and the small steps they take to actually make a change. It’s all about the people, the people who decide to make a choice and the people behind your products; from the farmer who has a better use of the water supply to the man who delivers your product while reducing his Co2 emissions. While the entire supply chain is completely unknown to most, we make it fully transparent to you. We bring you closer to those steps of the process, to meet those people, and that way, make you 100% certain that what we say is what you get. There is no other way to strive for a better future, this is our chance to make sure the resources are being used correctly and that the money is going into the right hands.We start from here, the textile industry, the second most polluting industry in the world, where fast fashion produces gargantuan amounts of waste, and where the people behind it aren’t treated fairly. We start creating Nations of interest for passionate people who will start to understand the importance of great traceable products.But this is just the beginning, with our traceability and transparency technology we will be able to connect more people, from different industries, and create a virtual home for your physical products, and thus helping you being part of a better world. And that’s how we plan to change the world.