An Apple T-shirt for Apple Fans – A-Shirt.

A-Shirt is an inspired by Apple t-shirt for fans. We simply love Apple: the products, strategies, ideas, values, and shadow casted by the great Steve Jobs.

Our founder, Cyril, an avid Apple Fan, decided to create a brand of sustainable (fully traceable and transparent) t-shirts, that represents him as a fan. A brand that shows the world your passion for the world’s leading brand. A brand that captured the essence of Apple in every way.

We started 2 years ago with a crowd-funded project and it was a hit. It allowed different Apple Fans from around the world enjoy a limited edition (300) run of Apple inspired t-shirts. It all started as a subscription plan, where fans would get every 3-4 months a newly designed shirt.

Every shirt was designed by artists around the world who could tell stories around the design so that the fan can recognise and use to share their passion. But that wasn’t all, as the stories where showcased INSIDE the t-shirt.

Inside Tech

Every t-shirt comes with a QR code, ready to be scanned so that the owner can learn ALL the stories around their product. From who designed it, the creative process, and even more interesting, the entire supply chain story.

The future

Now A-Shirts is thinking about the future, thinking on who to innovate, thinking like apple. We now allow any Apple Fan to by retail our limited shirts, and soon we are installing RFID chips that will allow an extra secure way to capture the full story of your product, plus letting you interact with it. It’s the first step of IOT for t-shirts. So, get ready to enjoy this Apple T-shirts.